Types of Mentorships for Artists Working on Art Projects in Suffolk County, NY

Are you an artist looking for mentorships to help you create new works in Suffolk County NY? Learn about grants & scholarships available for young professional artists living & working in New York City.

Types of Mentorships for Artists Working on Art Projects in Suffolk County, NY

Are you an artist looking for mentorships to help you create and present new works in Suffolk County, NY? If so, you're in luck! There are a variety of grants and scholarships available to young professional artists living and working in New York City. The New York Community Trust's Edward and Sally Van Lier Scholarship Program provides support to talented young professionals (ages 18 to 30) from historically underrepresented populations who are dedicated to a career in the arts. The grants will help arts groups provide young professional artists living and working in New York City with paid opportunities to create and present new works, as well as training, mentoring, and other support. The scholarships are intended to help young working artists earn significant professional credit that can generate future opportunities and advance their careers. The American-Scandinavian Foundation promotes the cultures of the Nordic countries in the United States and American culture in the Nordic countries by encouraging programs that will improve public appreciation of culture, art, and thought.

In setting priorities, the Foundation considers the lasting benefits that can be achieved with any grant and favors projects where their contribution complements support from other sources. Community grantmaking is their way of having reactive grant funding available to nonprofit organizations. Instead of having an open application and grant deadlines, they emphasize a personal approach, in which they discuss potential projects or programs with organizations before deciding on the next steps. As a guest speaker, you can join a distinguished group of professional artists to present a program aimed at the business of art. Project areas include grants to expand public understanding of science and technology through the use of books, radio, film, television, theater and new media; and grants to promote the creation, dissemination and democratization of access to knowledge through the use of new advances in digital information technology.

The Jerome Foundation offers two-year grants to organizations in support of ongoing programs, services, and activities for artists starting their careers in New York City and Minnesota. The program supports the work of outstanding artists, curators, curators, and academics, and strives to strengthen performing arts organizations, art museums, research institutes, and conservation centers. Creative Engagement is an arts funding program that provides initial grants to individual artists and nonprofit organizations for projects and activities that provide Manhattan communities with diverse artistic experiences. Projects that apply to the PMCF can include the genres of arts, history, science, biography, health, personal storytelling, and mixed gender. As part of queer art initiatives, ALLI recently organized a series of three workshops led by queer artist Liv Cocozza that explore LGBTQIA+ art and literature from the past to the future. The Nieman-Berkman Klein Scholarship in Journalistic Innovation brings people to Harvard University to work on a specific course of research or a specific project related to journalistic innovation.

Approximately two-thirds of TMU's awards go to arts and culture and one-third to environmental projects. Arts & Culture programs include American Arts Incubator, American Film Showcase, American Music Abroad, Arts Envoy, the Cairo International Art Exhibition, Community Engagement Through the Arts, DanceMotion USA, Fulbright Scholar and Travel Grants, Venice Bienalle and Museums Connect. This grant program supports innovative projects by artists and community and arts organizations that showcase artistic and cultural diversity, community building, and appreciation for the creative spirit through artistic activities. After graduating from SUNY's art studio in Stony Brook, Barbara Miller continued her studies at Post College and then seven years of classes at Bennington College in Vermont. The research program is mainly aimed at applicants who already have contacts in the Danish art scene or at candidates who want to develop a project involving specific Danish artists or institutions.

Support is provided for projects that use technology as an art form including historic and little-seen works that allow us to appreciate multimedia arts.