Exploring the Creative World of Public Art Installations in Suffolk County, NY

Discover Long Island's outdoor sculpture gardens & art installations with EVM ART & Sefa Kocakalay's works. Explore JumpStart's free public arts events & enjoy live performances from local artists & musicians.

Exploring the Creative World of Public Art Installations in Suffolk County, NY

If you're looking for a unique outdoor experience and a bit of culture, Long Island's outdoor sculpture gardens and art installations are the perfect destination. From Ukrainian multimedia artist EVM ART to Jr. Data scientist Sefa Kocakalay, the area is home to a variety of talented artists who create digital art, projection mapping installations, interactive installations, performances, art with generative media and works with laser and light technology. EVM has won several international awards for its work at numerous light festivals in France, Japan, Berlin, Lille, Tokyo, Burning Man Festival in the USA, China, Germany, New York and Miami Art Basel.

Their visionary, psychedelic, surrealistic and abstract works of art are made with different current artificial intelligence technologies and inspired by their imagination. This summer Guild Hall's KidFest returns with several live outdoor art performances by artists and musicians in July and August. With this conviction in mind East End Arts developed an intensive curriculum dedicated to the business side of art. Guild Hall is one of the oldest multidisciplinary art centers in the country and is formally accredited by the American Alliance of Museums.

The family home built in the 1960s has a residency program for BIPOC (Blacks Indigenous People of Color), an art studio and a library as well as housing a variety of art- and history-based programs for members of the tribe and the local community at large. The arts will take center stage in downtown Riverhead when East End Arts' JumpStart artists unveil their public art projects created during six months of professional development study. The event will feature Techspressionists Cheryl Audet-Lavoie, Colin Goldberg, Dan Welden, Deann Stein Hasinoff, Jaime Bautista, Jan Swinburne, Karen LaFleur, Kathleen Dobrowsky, Malavika Mandal Andrew, Marlow Shami, Nina Sobell, Renata Janiszewska, Robert Ripps, Steve Miller and Tommy Mintz. Learn more about Techspressionists here.

Help MoCA L Glowin' to keep shining by making a donation so they can continue to support artists in the work they create and inspire people to express themselves in new ways. Art lovers and culture lovers should not miss Huntington Arts Council Islip Arts Council and Long Island Arts Alliance to see the latest art exhibitions at Long Island's museums and galleries throughout the year. In collaboration with the Cornell Cooperative and the Pat-Med Library guided walking tours will also be organized on contemporary art 26% of local history as well as educational programs for the whole family that coincide with several of the screening projects. The Heckscher Art Museum is located in the picturesque Heckscher Park in the lively town of Huntington just a short walk from downtown shopping and award-winning restaurants.

East End Arts is excited to announce a special evening of free public arts events in downtown Riverhead titled JumpStart. This event will be an opportunity for visitors to explore the creative world of public art installations in Suffolk County while enjoying live performances from local artists and musicians. Don't miss out on this unique experience!.