Currently in the Gallery at ARTSPACE PATCHOGUE!
Women Sharing Art


Curated by Denise Denise Palmeiri

Opening Reception April 19th at 7pm


Calendar of Events:

The Gallery:

April 15-30, Women’s Exhibit at Artspace, Presented by Resident Denise Palmeiri
Opening Reception April 19th at 7pm

May 2-16, Creative Minds Exhibit, Presented by Resident Jean Wesnofske

“Creative Expression” The talented youth artist of Victory Christian Academy is presenting their work.  One wall of the gallery will show case these talented young artists, they are so excite to be apart of something bigger and I hope Artspace Residents welcomes them with open arms!  30 of their best pieces will be exhibited and the academy is hosting an Online Auction to raise money for their school.  You may go to there website http://www.vcaschool.net/

 “Creative HeARTs” is a special group project within the Exhibition.  Even if you do not wish to participate for the exhibition there is still a project that you can submit a piece. Artists may submit a version of a “heart”.  One wall of the gallery will be dedicated to just hearts.  After the exhibition, the “Creative HeARTs” display will more up to the 2nd floor.

May 18-29, Ceramic Exhibit, Presented by Resident Artist Lisa di Stefano

nightmares and dreamscapes June 2-14, Nightmares and Dreamscapes, Presented by Resident Dave Rogers (Daves-Studio)

Resident Artists Events or Exhibit outside Artspace:

Artspace Patchogue Photographers will be exhibiting their works at fotofoto Gallery, Curated by Aleta Cortes of Artspace Patchogue and Holly Gordon of fotofoto Gallery in Huntington.


Artist Dave Rogers of Artspace Patchogue is exhibiting some works at Read’s Artspace in Bridgeport, CT


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7 thoughts on “Home

  1. Cheers for many with this data. As an artist myself, I understand how important websites like these are to maintain attention and
    tto spread the phrase on exciting craft. It is possible to check-out my website
    at meaghanbusch.com, if you’e interested

    1. You have some interesting works of art, if you are interested in learning more about artspace or the artist here, or even if you are interested in joining in an exhibit here, we invite you to visit our space.

  2. Currently living in a building which I need to vacate because the owner wants to gain use of my apartment. I am an actress, comedienne, theatre and film director.

    Would love to be able to call a place my permanent home and to live amongst other creative.

    Thank you.

  3. So happy to have found artspace Patchogue! I’m moving back to ny this summer and look forward to visiting. How often do you have shows? How often do you post open calls?

    Thanks in advance your reply.
    Karine Falleni

    1. Welcome back to the area. Exhibits here at artspace run 2-3 weeks each. We post open calls as we get them to the web site, and also there are a lot of artists in the building who are doing outside projects that you can get involved in. If you are interested in moving to artspace you can find the form on our leasing information page.

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